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Student Portal

STEP 1: Choose a Way to Access the Portal

Our Student Portal is now ready for Middle and High School Students! There are three ways you can access it: 
  1. On our homepage in the Quick Links Section: Click the button that says "SchoolTool Parent Portal".

    quicklinks section of homepage

  2. Click this link and bookmark it: https://schooltool4.neric.org/SchoolTool_TUPP/Default.aspx

  3. Using the Mobile App:

    **Please Note: When using the app for the first time, you will be asked for the District URL. You can copy and paste this link into the box that asks for the URL: https://schooltool4.neric.org/SchoolTool_TUPP/Default.aspx

    apple store button
    Google Play Store

STEP 2: Sign in with Google

After choosing one of the options above, you will need to:
Sign in with Google
  1. Click on the "Sign in with Google" button.

  2. Enter your school email address ([email protected]), then you will be prompted to enter your password. If you are already signed into your school Google account, you will just need to click on your name to log in.

Information Available in the Portal

Once login is complete, click "continue" after reading the messages. Students, view your informationby clicking the dark blue student record icon next to your picture and/or name.My Home
This information includes:
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Schedule of classes
  • Attendance
  • Current and past marking period grades/progress reports/final assessments/final grades
  • Assignments
  • Course Assignments
  • Grades
App Menu
For additional information on the Grades Tab, be sure to click the Dropdown Menu to view the other available options:
Grades Tab Dropdown Menu

Student Expectations for Using the SchoolTool App

The Tupper Lake Central School District's SchoolTool Student Portal is a free service offered to high school and middle school students. It is a protected Internet site that allows the viewing of student school information. This access intends to enhance communication and dialog between students, teachers, and the school.
Access to SchoolTool Student Portal is a privilege. The system's information's accuracy is a joint responsibility between schools, students, and parents/guardians.
Students are required to adhere to the following expectations:
  • Students will act in a responsible, ethical, and legal manner.
  • Students will not attempt to harm or alter data, networks, or systems.
  • Students will not attempt to access another's account or use the system in any way that may be illegal or in violation of Federal andState privacy laws.
  • Students are responsible for protecting their passwords and are prohibited from sharing them with unauthorized users.
  • Students will not set their computer to automatically log in to the site.
  • Students are expected to report security issues or questions and any inaccurate information immediately to their student's school.
  • Please remember to keep passwords confidential. If you have questions, please direct them to the guidance department.

Need Help with the Student Portal?

You can download the Portal Access Guide below or request help using the red button below.