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Athletics Home

Tupper Lake Central Schools compete within the Section X - Northern Athletic Conference as a New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) sanctioned school.  Section X is made up of 24 public school districts - consisting of class A, B, C, and D schools.  For Division play, Tupper Lake competes as part of the East Division within the Northern Athletic Conference.  For Sectional and State play, Tupper Lake currently is classified as designated below:
Football - 8 Man
Soccer - Class C
Volleyball - Class C
Cross Country Class D
Boys Basketball - Class C 
Girls Basketball - Independent 
Boys Ice Hockey - Division II
Boys Indoor Track - Division II
Girls Indoor Track - Division II
Baseball - Class C
Softball - Class C
Golf - Division II
Boys Outdoor Track -  Division II
Girls Outdoor Track - Division II

The Athletic Department at Tupper Lake Central School is built on the belief that interscholastic sports provide the opportunity for student-athletes to extend their education beyond the walls of the classroom. Participation in sports provides the student-athlete with a real-life learning environment where they have the opportunity to develop individual skills, learn to adopt roles within the framework of a team, and maximize their leadership potential. Our coaching staff works hard to teach student-athletes to provide a positive effort; exhibit sportsmanship at all times, and demonstrate respect for teammates, opponents, spectators, and officials.

Mr. Daniel Brown, Athletic Director
[email protected] or 518-359-3322 ext. 2003