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How to put in a Staff IT Ticket

Go to: https://bocescr.service-now.com/esc (This link is also on your Clever Dashboard.)
Sign in using your district email address as your username. 
Use your network password - the same password you use to sign in on the desktop computers (This is not always the same as you Google password).
Once you are signed in, you will see your dashboard that looks like this:
Choose Request Something, Incident, or Update User. There is a description of each underneath the button.
**Usually, Request Something is the best option and we can bump it up to an Incident if needed.**
Enter in the details for your ticket. Be sure to choose "District Specific Services" so that the ticket gets assigned to Tupper Lake first and does not go into the NERIC General Queue.
District Specific Services
Once all of the required fields are completed, click on the Submit button on the right. (This button may be located underneath the form on mobile devices).
Click on My Requests to see all of the Requests you've submitted:
My Requests menu Item
Click on Tours to see a tour of the My Request Page:
How to tour the my requests page