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The fall season is now officially here! It’s been a long, confusing transition back to school as far as athletics are concerned, but we finally have some answers. As of yesterday, Section X has given clearance for Soccer and Cross Country to start on Monday, September 21, 2020. As a district, we will begin our VARSITY level Soccer and Cross Country on this date. Information regarding modified level Soccer and Cross Country will follow soon.

If your child plans to participate in Cross Country or Soccer at the Varsity Level: Grades 10 – 12 for Soccer and grades 9 – 12 for Cross Country they need to be signed up via the school website. If you have done this already, you are good to go! If you originally signed up for Volleyball or Football and now would like to play Girls’ Soccer or Cross Country, please revisit the website and sign up for said sport.

If you plan to play Football or Volleyball starting March 1, 2021, playing a sport this fall WILL NOT interrupt your plan to play Football or Volleyball. Please sign up for a fall sport this year!

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