2014 Capital Project – Middle/High School Scope of Work

Preserving our resources and preparing for our students’ future.

- Replace windows in original building
- Add loading dock and storage
- Renovate restrooms C111 and C109 to comply with ADA
- Masonry restoration
- Reconstruct exterior ramp at Baker Wing
- Rehabilitate Middle / High School field
- Replace deteriorated asphalt paving and pave student parking area / path to bldg.
- Replace exterior gym doors (east side) (2) sets
- Replace kitchen coolers /  kettles / dishwasher
- Replace bleachers with new power operated units,
replace scoreboards, relocate shot clocks, install adjustable height backboards, create additional storage space in gym
- Replace lockers in boys and girls locker rooms in gym locker rooms
- Renovate auditorium